The yellow marker shows the proposed location of the Cell Tower. The photo also shows the close proximity to surrounding homes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Under the Zoning Ordinance, the location of the proposed 120-foot cell tower must satisfy the following two set-back requirements:
  1. It must be 300 feet away from the nearest home and
  2. It must be 120 feet (one foot of set-back for each foot of height) inside the school's property boundary.
According to T-Mobile's zoning map, the proposed location for its tower satisfies these two set-back requirements.  (Click this link to see T-Mobile's zoning map.)

We thought it would be interesting to see what other locations within the Whitman campus would satisfy those set-back requirements.  Click this link to view the zoning map with the set-back penciled in.  Any location within the entire area marked in red would satisfy the two set-back requirements.

We do not know what other locations within this area T-Mobile has considered.

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